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Bear Spotting at the Lodge

Pemberton BC Canada

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Bear Spotting at the Lodge

A mother bear and two of her cubs were recently spotted on the Pemberton Valley Lodge grounds. The bears were probably looking for some grub before they hide away for the long winter.

This time of the year it's very common to see wildlife including bears, deer and coyotes around town. The bears are looking for food before they hibernate for the winter and the deer are being forced down to the valley floor by the snow covered mountains.

As beautiful and cuddly as they may seem it's important to know your limits when you see wildlife. Bears especially are extremely protective when they feel their cubs are being threatened. So if you see them in the town area it's important to keep your distance or back pedal away from them if you're too close. Taking pictures can be done from a safe distance its always more important to give the animals their space.

It's also important to always throw away your trash or food leftovers when you're done with them. The Pemberton Valley Lodge and the Pemberton Village are outfitted with bear proof trashcans where you can dispose your garbage.

Bear 2 Bear 1 Bear 3

Check out these pictures of our recent visitors at the lodge. It's always important to remember to give animals their space. These two little cubs may seem harmless but if you were to get to close to them their mother would feel the need to protect them.

Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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