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Paragliding In Pemberton

Pemberton BC Canada

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Try Paragliding in Pemberton

Try Paragliding in Pemberton

Pemberton B.C is known for its spectacular views and magnificent mountain backdrops. And what better way to take in the views than 4,000 feet in the air from a bird's eye view over the valley floor.

Introduction to Paragliding

Paragliding is a safe fun and easy way to soar over the skies of Pemberton giving you the chance to take  in the amazing views in a way few ever experience. Paraglider's in Pemberton are able to launch their gliders from 5 different locations around Pemberton, each launch site offers different conditions and views of the surrounding areas.

Rules & Conditions

If paragliding sounds like something you and your friends or family may be interested in then be aware that a few rules apply. Ages range anywhere from 8 years old to 108, as long as you're healthy and able to assist your instructor in the running take off then you are able to fly. Also a weight restriction of 220 pounds is placed on each rider for safety reasons.

Getting Started

For those unfamiliar with paragliding it takes place with you and a certified instructor riding in a tandem harness. The instructor sits in the back of the harness from which he controls the glider. The rider sits in the front instructor strapped into a harness from where they get a bird's eye view of the entire surrounding area. Each ride begins at the top of a launch point which usually is the top of a mountain that has been carefully selected for Paragliding purposes. As previously mentioned there are 5 different launch points throughout Pemberton however The Mackenzie Hill launch site serves for most of the flights as it is the easiest to be accessed by car. Each ride takes about 10 - 25 minutes depending on wind conditions and slowly glides around the Pemberton Valley eventually landing in a local field not far from town.

Contact Information

If this sounds like something your interested in then visit the Cayoosh Expeditions website to set up an appointment or call them at 604-894-5502.  And check out a quick video showing the Pemberton Valley through the eyes of paraglider

Looking for accommodation for your paragliding experience?

1 BedroomThe Pemberton Valley Lodge is located just minutes away from the paragliding meeting area and landing strip.

We offer beautifully appointed guest suites and great amenities.  Please contact our friendly staff for more information or to make a reservation.

Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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When visiting Whistler, consider staying at Pemberton Valley Lodge. We offer several advantages over Whistler hotels…

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You can get to the Village faster from our Lodge than you can from some parts of Whistler Resort.

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 3  Great Perks

Get complimentary super fast WiFi, complimentary bike rentals, and optional keyless room entry!

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