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Ice Fishing in Pemberton

Pemberton BC Canada

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Lakes Are Frozen, Let's Go Ice Fishing in Pemberton!

Pemberton Ice Fishing

Thanks to the recent cold snap to hit Pemberton the local lakes a have frozen over and ice fishing season is in full effect.

There are several lakes in and around the Pemberton area including Blackwater, Mosquito, One Mile and Gates that house monster fish this time of year. Rainbow, bull and cutthroat trout are the most common fish to snag under the ice. Many of the trout have fattened up before the freeze and can reach upwards of 10 pounds.

The ice fishing process consists of drilling an 8 - 10 inch hole in the ice and dropping you're lure. The process sounds simple enough but knowing where the fish are, what lake to choose and what lure is hitting can be quite the process.

In order to take all the guess work out of this process we always recommend going with a trusted local guide. Stepping onto a lake without knowing the conditions is downright silly and dangerous.

Thankfully Pemberton is full of local guides who can help you out with this process. The boys over at Pemberton Fish Finder have been fishing these lakes their entire lives and know everything there is to know about fishing the local area.

Located out of the Spud Valley Sporting Goods store the boys at Pemberton Fish Finder offer guided ice fishing tours throughout the winter. Even if you don't choose to book a tour through them it's always a good idea to stop by their shop and hit them up for some friendly local advice.

To book a tour with the boys check out the Pemberton Fish Finder website or call them directly at 1-877-905-8121. If you want to catch a fish on your trip to Pemberton there's no better guide to call upon.

*It cannot be stressed enough that you should always know what the conditions of the lake are before you step on the ice. Do not, repeat do not get on the ice if you haven't stopped by Spud Valley Sports or you're familiar with the conditions of the ice.

Check out some Pemberton ice fishing highlights

Photo Credit: Pemberton Fish Finder

Posted: Monday, December 09, 2013

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