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Best Places for a Toyota Truck in Pemberton

Pemberton BC Canada

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Best Places for a Toyota Truck in Pemberton

It's been a fun week on Twitter for Pemberton Valley Lodge (follow us: @PembValleyLodge) Conversations about ice fishing, couples massage, couples ice fishing & massage, and a lively exchange with Toyota BC.

Toyota Trucks + Pemberton = A Perfect Fit

Toyota Truck Pemberton

@PembValleyLodge had tweeted: Pemberton is the Gateway to Adventure, which is our Village motto. @ToyotaBC retweeted this, and it hit us: Gateway to Adventure with a Toyota Truck. Absolutely. A Land Cruiser, for example, is the perfect fit for so many of the adventures that start in Pemberton. We know there are more than this list that we just began here. Our hope is that we'll grow this list as suggestions come in. Between people who frequent the Hurley, people who work on the farms here or out on logging roads, and people who attend the Pemberton 4x4 Rally, we're pretty sure this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

(Of course, these adventures could easily happen with a different brand of truck...but ToyotaBC were the guys who jumped right in and started the this post is dedicated to that icon of a truck, the Toyota Land Cruiser.)

Top Three Pemberton Adventures with a Toyota Land Cruiser

These are not in any particular order, and we certainly don't want anyone to think our methodology is scientific in any way. Take a look and see what you think. Would you add to this list?

1. The Hurley Road: You'll start our on the Pemberton Meadows Road, past farm after farm but then the road will turn and you'll be on the Hurley. And you'll need a good truck. If you click the link above, you'll arrive at a website called "I Survived the Hurley", Enough said. 

2. The Pemberton 4x4 Rally: This is a huge Pemberton event, where people actually invest large amounts of time and money into their supped up race trucks to make sure they can compete in each type of 4x4 discipline. 

3. As a farm vehicle: All work and no play...trucks aren't meant just for fun, you know. They're actually quite useful. One of the best uses for a Toyota (or other) truck in Pemberton is working on one of our farms, making the food we eat...and yep, that's right: we actually have the distinction of growing and eating our own food in Pemberton. Rare these days.

Any more suggestions for what you can do with a good solid truck in Pemberton? Reasons to bring your FJ out here for a ride? Places to go that you want to share? 

And, of course, while were at it, we may as well mention that if you choose to stay with us, we've got ample covered parking that'll hold your truck and keep it safe for you while you rest after a long day adventuring.

Posted: Friday, January 24, 2014

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