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10 Reasons to Get Excited for Winter

Pemberton BC Canada

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10 Awesome Reasons to Get Excited for Pemberton Winters!

It's coming. Winter is right around the corner. We know this because nature is bursting around us with all the colours of the rainbow shouting the news. Mushrooms are growing underfoot on mossy trails, the air is crisp and clear. Visitors always seem amazed at the glory that is fall in Pemberton. The trails are literally alive with people taking in the fresh air and energy.

One Mile Lake Pemberton Winter

But soon, winter will come. And with it another epic season in this, the gateway to adventure in the backcountry. It's here that backcountry begins, and here, surrounded by the Pemberton Ice Cap and mile after mile of pristine Crown land that we relish in the sport and glory of the great outdoors. 

What can get you ready for such insane glory? There are many ways, and I'll admit to being swayed by our neighbour to the west, Whistler, for inspiration. Local writer Feet Banks' recent post for Tourism Whistler on preparing for the season had me thinking about how one could prepare for snow in the Pemberton valley.

Whistler and Pemberton both have incredible winter seasons but we're very different places with very different vibes (both good - just different). So, with a nod and hat tip to Feet Banks, I'd like to offer ten awesome ways to get completely prepared for the upcoming winter season:

1. Catch the Pemberton Snowy Vibe

We've got a lot going on in the Pemberton area when the snow falls - there's a vibe you can feel. Family friendly, casual, deep and simple, the snow falls prolifically and we play in it joyfully.  Take a walk along hushed silent trails, skate peacefully on One Mile Lake. Sit by the fire in the lodge, or warm yourself in the hot tub. Winter is our season to share with you.

2. Become a Gear Junkie

It's time to take note of what you've got and what you'll need. Take advantage of sales, swap with friends, and start saving for those important downy items you'll be glad you splurged for later. You're too late this year for the Turkey sale (but take note for next year if you missed out!) but there's still time to get everything you'll need for an epic winter season.

3. Check Out the Deals

There are always great offers being made to try to lure you to the Sea-to-Sky area - currently, with Whistler celebrating her 40th anniversary and the 50th anniversary for skiing, there is a lot to draw you to our area. We're ready to celebrate this winter, too, so check out our deals and book your winter vacation with us.

4. Become Your Friends' Worst Nightmare/Best Meteorologist

After going down what Feet Banks termed the "Weather Wormhole" last week, I highly recommend this activity in case you're suffering from the endless fortune telling that can be predicting winter weather. Luckily, Pemberton enjoys pretty consistently good weather all year long. 

Still, people love to guess what the winter will bring, and while guessing is good, knowing is better. Learn from our history and from the weather channel to find out what this year will bring weather-wise. Then educate your friends.

5. Let Our Glaciers and Protected Wilderness Inspire You

Pemberton Ice Cap

The Pemberton Ice Cap is an incredible space. Whether you want to snowmobile there, backcountry ski, or snowshoe, this area is there to be discovered. Take time this winter to appreciate our protected spaces, and use them responsibly.

6. Find Your Full Bucket List

Just do those things you want to do - before it's too late. There, I said it. Everyone's list is different, but everyone's got one. Perhaps it's taking a vacation just the two of you. Perhaps it's doing something extreme before you chicken out. Perhaps it's indulging in a perfect meal with someone you love, savouring every bite. Fill your bucket and then do each thing on that list this winter. Let us help you if we can.

7. Bike till You Drop

Get ready for the hills by training on your bike. Pemberton has got more great downhill mountain bike terrain than we know what to do with. Ride till you drop, then wake up and go again. Pemberton Bike Co. will set you up with some great rental options. Ride with a friend, get familiar with the terrain, and have a blast warming up (literally) to winter.

8. Hike the Area While You Still Can

Joffre 4

Whether you take a quick jaunt up Nairn Falls, take a walk around One Mile Lake, or head out of town to the Pemberton Meadows, there are lots of trails ready to teach you a thing or two about appreciating nature and her beauty. Take an afternoon, duck into the woods, and prepare your body and soul for some mountain time ahead.

9. Buy Your Pass/Book Your Trip

Do we have to mention this? Just in case you haven't already, take care of the pesky details! Buy your season's pass for Whistler if you want to and book your rooms too. Pemberton can get incredibly busy in the winter, so it's important to plan ahead. Don't be disappointed. Make this winter one you'll remember for a long time to come.

10. Get in Shape!

Come on, you know you want to. Getting in shape for the upcoming snow season now is going to make you very happy come winter time. Whether you need to book an appointment with a physiotherapist, join a Crossfit class, or start jogging, get out there and do it. There are specialized programs to get you in shape just for skiing or snowboarding, too. Just do it; you'll be able to thank yourself later :)

Photo Credit: Dave Steers (One Mile Lake) | Marcus Richardson (Pemberton Ice Cap) | Takamitsu Mamashit (Upper Joffre Lake)

Posted: Thursday, October 22, 2015

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