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Cycling Tips in Pemberton

Pemberton BC Canada

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Cycling Tips for Pemberton This Spring

How to Get into Cycling in Pemberton

Pemberton Cycling Tips

Cycling season is here! Pemberton Valley Lodge is ready with our extensive guest bike program including a wash station, guest bikes, complimentary locks and more. Take advantage of how much we love cycling, and get started!

Pemberton is also home to the Pemberton Bike Company, which has extensive resources for cyclists. You'll never be without the cycle gear you need, as well as a pair of friendly ears who'll not only listen to your needs, but offer excellent advice on how and where to cycle in the Pemberton Valley. They've been at it for decades and really know their stuff. For road cycling tips, bike parts, weather reports and more, our local bike shop is exactly what you'll need to get started.

Beyond that, the Tourism Pemberton website has an extensive cycling section with everything you need to plan your trip with us. From family cycling to road racing, to training for the upcoming Ironman Triathlon, go to the Tourism Pemberton website and see if it answers most if not all of your cycling questions.

Cycling Events in Pemberton

Perhaps the largest cycling event in our area is the Subaru Ironman Triathlon, which happens each July in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. The cycling portion of the triathlon takes place in Pemberton, and the Pemberton Valley Lodge has a cheering section to keep all the cyclists pumped up and ready to keep on going through the meadows and on to the finish line.

The Slow Food Cycle Sunday is an August event that began over ten years ago in Pemberton, as a way for families to get to know the farmers who grow their food. Cyclists ride from farm to farm, meeting the farmers and sampling their food. It's a fun day full of good friends, music and of course, great food.

The upcoming Nimby Fifty is a technical marathon cross country mountain bike race which takes place on May 30 this year. The event has a capped amount of riders, so it's important to register early for this one. It's a tough 37-kilometre race that can feel more like 50 K. It's intense and fun. Riders usually come back year after year.

Tips for Safe and Fun Cycling 

Take a look at this page over on Tourism Pemberton for some helpful tips and advice on cycling in Pemberton. But next, when planning a cycling tour to Pemberton, remember that we are a bike friendly village. Pemberton is a place where you'll see bikes downtown as well as along the roads in and out of the village. However, we're not as busy as some areas, so there's still room to ride around in a relaxed way.

Make your plans in advance. The best advice we can give for a memorable (in a good way!) cycling trip is to plan everything out in advance. You can either use the Pemberton Valley Lodge as a hub, taking day trips from here out in different directions and exploring the surrounding area. Or, you can stay with us as one leg of your trip. In that case, of course, you'll want good quality panniers as well as excellent cycling gear and repair kit. 

Don't forget to eat and drink! We are a rural community, and though there are a fair number of cafes and groceries, you should definitely do your homework before setting out on your journey. Again, consulting the Tourism Pemberton website is a good place to find information about where to locate pit stops and when you should bring your own snacks.

We hope to see you this spring or summer as you explore the Sea-to-Sky corridor by bike. Happy trails!

Photo Credit: Håkan Dahlström

Posted: Thursday, April 09, 2015

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When visiting Whistler, consider staying at Pemberton Valley Lodge. We offer several advantages over Whistler hotels…

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