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Travel Tips and Packing Checklist

Pemberton BC Canada

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Travel Tips & Packing Checklist

You're planning a road trip along the Sea-to-Sky highway. Perhaps you'll continue on along the 99, traveling the Duffey Lake Road to Lillooet and beyond. 

Road Trip Packing List

It's a gorgeous drive, and well worth the effort it takes to plan. We've already written a guide to help you plan your road trip, and now we'd like to add to that and help you plan your packing list.

Any time of year is the right time for a road trip along the Sea-to-Sky. The forested road is unbelievably gorgeous, and along the way, you travel beside some of the most beautiful waterways including the Howe Sound, lakes and streams. In winter, roads are well-kept and plowed, in fall you enjoy the leaves changing colour, and in spring and summer, the blossoming trees and evolving green landscape just inspires you to breathe a little deeper, slow down and enjoy the journey.

Great - But What Should You Pack?

It's a good question, and not something to be left until the last minute. Luckily, there are a few great resources out there to help you out. Some are geared to specifically air travel, and to foreign countries. Others assume that you want to buy a lot of stuff. But we curated a list for you of helpful resources to pare your packing to the absolute minimum hassle it needs to be.

First, Apartment Therapy. They give an annotated list of helpful things to remember. This is a go-to list of items, for sure.

Next, of course, Pinterest. The board we found lists about a million blog posts, all dedicated to helping you pack for your road trip.

Then, there's the old stand-by Real Simple. Though often not simple and nearly never "real" this time, the magazine lives up to its name. This is a great, helpful annotated list of things you might not think about, but probably want to bring.

Finally, The Art of Simple nails it. This is a pdf list with check-off boxes next to each thing, helpfully arranged by category. I would print this off and pack it in my suitcase, to help me remember to re-pack these items as I journey along the Sea-to-Sky highway enroute to Pemberton.

Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Whistler Alternative

When visiting Whistler, consider staying at Pemberton Valley Lodge. We offer several advantages over Whistler hotels…

 1  Only 20 minutes

You can get to the Village faster from our Lodge than you can from some parts of Whistler Resort.

 2  Save money

Whistler hotels typically charge for parking. We don't. And you get bigger rooms for your dollar.

 3  Great Perks

Get complimentary super fast WiFi, complimentary bike rentals, and optional keyless room entry!

Pemberton Valley Lodge Green Hotel Initiatives

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