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7 Reasons to Love Pemberton

Pemberton BC Canada

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Fall in Love With Pemberton

With Pemberton's annual Winterfest only two weeks away, we're full of warm fuzzy feelings for this gorgeous valley of ours. From majestic Mount Currie to the boardwalks along the village streets, Pemberton is a welcome home - a place where we kick our shoes off, laugh more - a place where we can truly be our best selves.

Perhaps that's why we work so hard making Pemberton just a little bit better and why we care so much about sharing Pemberton with you.

In any case, with the flurries of snow gracing the landscape and thoughts turning to the roaring bon fires and happy laughing children we'll hear during Winterfest in a couple weeks, we'd like to share seven reasons we love Pemberton (and you should, too!).

1. Winterfest and Festivals

Beyond Winterfest, Pemberton is alive with events and reasons to celebrate. From the Lil'wat Rodeo to the Pemberton Music Festival to Slow Food Cycle Sunday, Pemberton knows how to throw a party everyone can attend. 

The population's diversity means that there is an event for everyone here - whether you like things fast or slow, crowded or serene, cold or warm :) there's something to make your heart beat a little faster in Pemberton.

2. Community Barn 

Nothing says community like a barn raising. And in Pemberton, we take that quite literally. We raised money - lots of it - and a barn, an actual barn, to make sure that there was a place downtown for community events to take place. Now, the farmers market can be held there, as well as weddings, and, if needed, the Winterfest. 

The entire community came together to make this happen. Local residents billeted the timber frame craftspeople who came to help install the gorgeous timber frame barn. People cooked food to feed volunteers who themselves were helping to literally raise the roof of this massive and beautiful structure. What a testament to a thriving community. 

3. Horses

Pemberton Horses

You can't not mention the horses. Pemberton has more horses per capita than anywhere else in British Columbia, and we love them. From the daily horse guiding trips to Pemberton's famous equestrian training grounds up the Pemberton Meadows to the horse hitching posts outside the grocery store, Pemberton is horse country.

4. Majestic Mount Currie

It's really hard to understand until you've been here and seen Mount Currie. The sight is at once imposing and in some ways comforting. Grand but also in a way protective, Mount Currie guards us and watches over us. We love the challenge Mount Currie presents as well, whether we intend to ski down, hike up, or simply ponder the massiveness.

5. The Homegrown Food 

It's not just that the food tastes good in our restaurants - it's that we actually grow much of it, too. So there's a strong connection here between the food we eat and the land it grew on. Some restaurants have relationships with local farms and the food they serve to you may have been delivered fresh picked that morning. 

6. The Homegrown Drink

We've got Pemberton Distillery using Pemberton potatoes to make Pemberton vodka and other spirits. How much better can you get than that?

7. The Adventure - Right Outside Our Door


Whether you think whitewater kayaking, skating, snowshoeing or backcountry skiing is your type of adventure, you can do it from here. For you, it might mean a simple walk in the woods. Or it could be tackling Mount Currie - or a round of golf, or perhaps skydiving. Whatever your pleasure, whatever your taste for adventure, Pemberton can accommodate you. Nature is our backyard, and we love to play.

Photo Credit: Dave Steers

Posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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