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Cycling Season Begins in Pemberton

Pemberton BC Canada

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April 1st - The First Day of the Pemberton Cycling Season

Road Cycling Pemberton

It's Time! April 1st is the Official First Day of Cycling 

But it's time to start getting ready now. You've been able to cycle since February this year in Pemberton, so you know as well as we do that it's time to get your bike in gear, find all your cycling clothes and locate your water bottle, and head out on a journey.

Whether it be mountain biking, road cycling or a nice leisurely jaunt with the family out Pemberton Meadows Road (for Slow Food Cycle Sunday, perhaps) you know you'll want to take your bike out soon.

Pemberton - A Well-Known Cycling Destination

Pemberton is well-known as a cycling destination. The Bike Pirate launched his latest book here, for example, and we are home to possibly the most gruelling technical cross country mountain bike marathon known as the Nimby Fifty. The Subaru Ironman cycling portion of the race happens in Pemberton, and, of course, we're home to the Slow Food Cycle Sunday which attracts thousands of cyclists to Pemberton each August.

We're a great place to train for road cycling, too. Using Pemberton as a hub, you can take several trips from here, all with their merits. One of the loveliest things about cycling from Pemberton is also something to be aware of for safety reasons: we're rural, and that means that when you head out cycling for the day, bring water, a repair kit and snacks. You can go for miles sometimes without passing a shop to purchase snacks or get a drink of water.

One solid reason that Pemberton has emerged as such a mecca for cycling is the $120,000 investment recently made to the trails around Pemberton. The Bike Pirate, Peter Oprsal, feels that Pemberton (and the entire Sea-to-Sky area) is prime mountain bike terrain, and we couldn't agree more.

Fast or Slow - Pick Your Pace

Pemberton has cycling for all ages and stages, so pick your pace and just get out there and have fun. From Slow Food Cycle Sunday, celebrating the connection between the people who grow our food and the people who eat it :) to the races including the Subaru Ironman and the Nimby Fifty, Pemberton is a place that celebrates all cycling. There's no need to feel that you can't get out there and have fun unless you've attained a certain level of fitness. 

The message is clear: Get your bike tuned up at the Bike Co, make sure that you've got everything you need including water and food, and head on out. If you need advice about trails and roads, ask the guys at the Bike Co. - they know cycling and love to help out.

Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Whistler Alternative

When visiting Whistler, consider staying at Pemberton Valley Lodge. We offer several advantages over Whistler hotels…

 1  Only 20 minutes

You can get to the Village faster from our Lodge than you can from some parts of Whistler Resort.

 2  Save money

Whistler hotels typically charge for parking. We don't. And you get bigger rooms for your dollar.

 3  Great Perks

Get complimentary super fast WiFi, complimentary bike rentals, and optional keyless room entry!

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