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Springtime in Pemberton

Pemberton BC Canada

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Spring in Pemberton: Items to Pack

You can always tell when spring is in the air in Pemberton. The town's scent is a combination of freshness and blooming. The sounds of various species of birds begin to fill the silence that winter's void left behind. The snow pulls a Houdini and vanishes until next year and it seems like everyone has a bounce in their step. With our town nestled in a valley, surrounded by nature, you want to make sure to pack the correct items for your springtime trip to Pemberton.

Pemberton Springtime Packing List

Pemberton and the surrounding areas provide a variety of activities and things to do all year long and spring is no exception. During the transition from winter to summer, it's imperative to ensure you have all of the items you need to enhance your Pemberton experience during the spring.

To help you do just that, we've compiled the suggested list of items to bring with you on your vacation:

Rainboots or Hiking Boots

It never hurts to have good footwear that will help you explore the beautiful streets and trails of this community. After a snowy winter, you will notice that the town can sometimes be freckled with puddles, which are fun to play in (if you are decked out in a waterproof outfit, of course). The trails are usually on the wet and muddy side at the start of the season, which can make them messy. If you have appropriate footwear for exploring, your experience will be enhanced.

Hiking in Pemberton

A Good Pair of Sunglasses

The sun begins to sit higher in the sky during this time of year. The days are longer and it seems as if the sun is brighter and the sky is bluer. This is just a reminder to pack your sunglasses so you can enjoy all of your visually stimulating surroundings. Remember to drink in the majestic beauty of Mount Currie and to snap a few pictures!

Pemberton Lillooet River Spring

Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Along with the spring, comes the thaw, which can bring some insects. In order to protect yourself from bugs such as ticks and mosquitoes, it's best to ensure that you have really good bug spray. If you aren't sure which bug spray to purchase you can ask your local camping/hiking store or wait until you come to town and purchase it locally.

It's also important to wear sunscreen. This is just a friendly reminder to do so because the sun rays in the spring can be sneaky and strong. Pemberton is also known to have very warm weather in the spring so it's best to be fully prepared in case you are inspired to spend all of your time here outdoors.

Protective Hat

Along with the sunshine comes the heat. The heat can sneak up on you and it's easy to get sunstroke, especially after a long winter. We know, you just want to feel that warm sunshine on your face. We do too! Just remember to protect yourself and your head. By wearing a hat, you are helping to protect yourself from a sunburn on your face, heat stroke, and ticks.


It's always a good idea to remember to bring a backpack so that you can prepare for your day of fun. Some things that you will want to include are drinking water, snacks, a portable charger (because, yes, you will be taking a ton of photos and may drain your battery) and it never hurts to have an extra pair of socks. The weather throughout the day changes and it is also influenced by elevation. It never hurts to pack a toque, gloves and some warmer clothes along with shorts and a t-shirt.

One Mile Lake Hike

Bring Your Recreational Toys

What's your spring activity of choice? Is it biking? Perhaps it's fishing? Are you an avid (or not-so-avid) stand up paddle boarder? You can do it all in town. If you have your own equipment, this is the perfect place to bring it. If not, you can rent a bike in town from The Bike Co, book a fishing adventure with Pemberton Fish Finder and explore what other activities you can do once you get to town. Also, once June arrives the Paddle Barn will begin to rent out stand up paddle boards on weekends.

Whistler Pemberton Spring Activities

Spring skiing in Whistler is, of course, some of the most fun skiing that you can do. Imagine being able to shred down the mountain wearing only a tank top (weather permitting) and then have a cold drink on a warm and sunny patio. Spring skiing is awesome in so many ways and we have a shuttle that will get you to and from Whistler. /amenities/ski-shuttle/

Being able to have a multiseason multisport day is special. During the spring, in Pemberton, that is something that you can experience. A pro-tip is to always check the weather before you come to town but keep in mind it's always subject to change. If you forget to pack things that you may need for your trip, you can always explore our Sundry Shop or one of the stores in town. Regardless, no matter what you bring on your vacation, you will have a great time. Happy packing and see you this spring.

Photo Credits: Blair Kaplan Venables

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2019

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