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Pemberton BC Canada

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Pemberton Distillery: Spirits & Tours

Schramm Vodka Bottle

The Pemberton Distillery is located right in the heart of the breathtaking Coast Mountains within easy reach of Vancouver and Whistler. The Pemberton Distillery is open all year round offering Guided Tour that take you behind the scenes at the distillery and offer a fascinating insight into the handcrafted production of artisan spirits.

What is Distilling?

You may ask... Good question! Distillation is the age-old science and art of separating mixtures using boiling liquid.

Distillation of the vodka at Pemberton Distillery is done using organic fermented potatoes to create their unique and world-renowned Schramm Potato Vodka.

Schramm Potato Vodka

Handcrafted from the Pemberton Valley's renowned organic potatoes and pure mountain water, Schramm Vodka is a genuine sipping vodka - distinctly regional, incredibly smooth & wonderfully flavourful. How do they make it so good? Pemberton Distillery is a small family owned and is one of only a handful of craft distilleries still producing spirits by hand using beautiful whole ingredients and traditional craft methods.

Praise & Accolades

Like any well run and successful business producing quality, flavourful products. Pemberton Distillery isn't without it's beaming critics reviews;

September 2, 2011 - HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! "The botanicals in this gin are so expertly crafted that they really require time and attention to appreciate them." Drink Spirits reviews Schramm Gin.

March 11, 2011 - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! "Schramm Potato Vodka shows what's possible in the vodka category with exceptional taste and a fantastic drinking experience." Review from the spirits critics at

December 23, 2009 - BEST OF THE YEAR! Schramm Vodka is selected as renowned spirit critic Jurgen Gothe's Best of the Year and "one of the best new domestic spirits to come along in years..." Read more here.

You Be The Judge

Distillery Whiskey Barrels

Don't take our word for it. Come on down for a Distillery Tour and judge it for yourself.

As you'd rightfully expect, you get to be the critic of all their hard work at the distillery... you'll be invited into the tasting room where you can enjoy award-winning Schramm Vodka, the world's only organic Potato Vodka. Also on the menu is the single batch organic Schramm Gin, and many others.

Later on, browse the gift shop for limited release spirits and specialty products; perfect for the culinary and spirits connoisseur.

Whistler Alternative

When visiting Whistler, consider staying at Pemberton Valley Lodge. We offer several advantages over Whistler hotels…

 1  Only 20 minutes

You can get to the Village faster from our Lodge than you can from some parts of Whistler Resort.

 2  Save money

Whistler hotels typically charge for parking. We don't. And you get bigger rooms for your dollar.

 3  Ski shuttle

Our complimentary shuttle bus runs daily from the Lodge to and from Whistler Blackcomb.

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