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2016 Pemberton Music Festival Need to Know Info

Pemberton BC Canada

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2016 Pemberton Music Festival "Need to Know" Info

Pemberton Music Festival 2016

Get the "need to know" information for the 2016 Pemberton Music Festival. Includes Ticket, Shuttle, Biking, Walking, Parking, Pemberton Farmers' Market, and Safety information.

"Need to Know" Information for Pemberton Area Locals & Guests


Locals-only Festival tickets are available at The Meadows Golf Club for $315/ticket (plus service fee) to a maximum of 4/household. Proof of residence is required. Includes local shuttle access. Non-locals tickets are available at The Whistler Box Office is located in Creekside Village near the Starbucks.

Local Ticket Holders Wristband Exchange

Exchange your ticket for a local wristband at the Meadows Golf Club on:

  • July 9: 11 AM to 4 PM
  • July 10: 10 AM to 3 PM
  • From July 13 onward: local tickets can be exchanged for wristbands at the on-site Festival box  office.

It is mandatory that all Pembyfest attendees register their wristbands.

Pemberton Music Festival Gate Times / Venue Operating Hours

  • Thursday: 2:30 PM to 2 AM
  • Friday: 12:30 PM to 2 AM
  • Saturday: Noon to 2 AM
  • Sunday: Noon to 12:30 AM


There is no general day parking at the Festival site.

Local Ticket Holder Shuttle Stops - July 14th to 17th, 2016


  • Festival Site à Old Pemberton Farm Rd / Plateau à Pemberton Community Centre, Portage Road à Downtown Pemberton "The Barn" à Festival Site


Festival Site à St. Christopher's Church, Mount Currie à Pole Yard à Festival Site

  • Thursday: 2 PM to 3 AM
  • Friday: 11:30 AM to 3 AM
  • Saturday: 11:30 AM to 3 AM
  • Sunday: 11:30 AM to 1 AM


  • Birken Lakeside Resort à Festival Site
  • Thursday: Pick-up: 1 PM & 2 PM | Drop-off - Midnight & 2 AM
  • Friday + Saturday: Pick-up 11 AM & Noon | Drop-off - Midnight & 2 AM
  • Sunday: Pick-up 11 AM & Noon | Drop-off - Midnight & 1 AM


  • A bike valet will be located at the Barn for riders who are taking the shuttle to the  Festival
  • The easiest way to access the Festival is by biking or walking. There is a bike valet at the Festival. The cycling/walking route is along the north side of Hwy99. Traffic management personnel will keep this lane safe for bikers and walkers.
  • Plateau residents can access the Festival directly via "Friendship Trail" located at the end of Pemberton Farm Rd.
  • Ride and Walk Safely! When heading home at night, carry a light or wear high visibility/reflective clothing. Riders, please wear a helmet.


From July 14th to 17th, residents will require a residential parking pass for street parking in front of their property. Two passes per residence available at Municipal Hall beginning Tuesday, July 5th. Proof of residence required.

  • Downtown Businesses can obtain employee parking passes for street parking from the  Municipal Hall.

Parking on Festival Weekend

To protect parking for residents, the Village of Pemberton implements a local parking strategy.

  • Vehicles parked on the street not displaying parking passes during this time may be towed.
  • Strata-owned residential properties are responsible for their own parking regulations and enforcement.
  • From July 14th to 17th, downtown street parking will be limited to 2 hours, except with permit.
  • Limited park and ride / carpool parking will be available next to the Barn in the gravel lot.
  • No street parking, regardless of parking pass, on the following streets (including VoP & SLRD boundaries): Urdal Rd / Pemberton Farm Rd East / Fraser Rd / Collins Rd /Airport Rd / Industrial Park (all streets).
  • Frontier Street North will be "One Way" northbound between Birch and Camus Street to facilitate locals shuttle pick up/drop off and to maintain traffic flow downtown.

Pemberton Music Festival Parking 2016

Non-Local Traffic & Parking

  • Ticket buyers who aren't staying in Pemberton must purchase weekend camping or a Whistler shuttle pass. Primary camper parking is on the south side of Hwy99, east of the Festival site. Vehicles will be marshaled off the highway onto a temporary road leading to camper parking on IR2, minimizing traffic congestion.
  • A temporary pedestrian bridge will be erected over Hwy99 so Festivalgoers can cross the highway safely without disrupting traffic.
  • Shuttles will run continuously from Whistler for Pemberton Music Festival ticket holders who are local or staying in Whistler-based accommodation.
  • Shuttle Passes for non-campers are purchased with festival ticket.
  • There is no day parking at the Festival grounds or in Village of Pemberton.
  • Free day parking for shuttles is in Whistler Creekside.
  • Guests staying in Whistler Village will be advised to leave vehicle at their accommodation and take shuttle from Whistler Olympic Plaza.
  • Only Festivalgoers who are camping will drive to Pemberton and park in Festival lots with their parking pass for campers.
  • Shuttle Festival Ticket holders are not allowed into the campgrounds. Not even to visit.


Public safety and smooth traffic flow are top priorities. Please respect all posted signage.

Local and Commuter Traffic

Commuters travelling through Whistler and Pemberton should allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes as traffic may be delayed. Pemberton traffic departing south for Whistler should leave before 8am on Monday to avoid high volume of camper departures.

To protect parking for Pemberton residents, the Village of Pemberton implements a local parking strategy and from July 14th to 17th Pemberton street parking will be limited to two hours, except with "local" permit.

Highway Construction Between Whistler & Pemberton

As many of you know, the work has begun on the paving project. Currently grinding-out the top lift of pavement is taking place. They will begin putting on the final top lift of pavement, hopefully starting later this week / early next, weather depending.

Pemberton Music Festival - There will be NO paving work happening during the festival; from Thursday July 14th to Monday July 18th inclusive, all work will be stopped. The site will be left in a tidy manner for the event. There will be work on Wednesday July 13th but it will wrap up as soon as Festival camper load in begins to get heavy.

When Do Festivalgoers Arrive in Pemberton?

  • Wednesday, July 13: camping opens at 2pm (est.25%)
  • Thursday, July 14: (est.50%)
  • Friday, July 15: (est. 25%)
  • Only Festivalgoers who are camping will drive to Pemberton and park in Festival lots with their parking pass for campers.

In 2015 peak traffic volumes between Whistler and Pemberton occurred at 5 PM on Wednesday, 10 AM on Thursday and 9 AM on Monday during Festivalgoer load in and load out.


The Pemberton Farmers' Market will take place, as usual, in the barn on Friday. Part of the gravel lot adjacent to barn will be blocked off for vendor load-in and load-out that afternoon. Since this zone will be one-way traffic for Festival shuttle pick-ups it is advised to walk or bike into the market if possible. There is two-hour parking in the Village, as well as minimal parking in the gravel lot, please ensure you have your local parking pass from the Municipal Offices.

ACTIVITIES & WHAT'S NEW Wednesday in Whistler

Gather at Whistler Olympic Plaza on Wednesday, July 13 to kick off Pemberton Music Festival with free concerts.

  • The Arkells: 8:45 PM
  • The Funk Hunters: 7 PM
  • GIVERS: 6 PM
  • TBD: 5 PM

More than just music - From the Perrier Greenhouse and ziplining with SuperFly to Zorb soccer in "The Backyard" Pembyfest has more than just music to make July 14th to 17th the most epic weekend of the summer.


Pemberton Music Festival Apps

Download the Pemberton Music Festival App in the iTunes App Store or Google Play for Android to stay up to date with notifications and news related to the Festival. "Allow notifications" to ensure messages are pushed to phone.

Updates will also be posted on social media channels:

  • Facebook: PembertonMusicFestival 
  • Twitter & Instagram: @Pemberton_Fest Official
  • Festival hashtag: #PembyFest


  • Pemberton Festival Line-Up:

Festival By the Numbers

  • Up to 40,000 Festivalgoers à 25,000+ campers
  • 90+ music and comedy acts on a 400+ acre site with 4 stages

Festival FAQs - what to bring, what not to bring


CN Rail Tracks

The CN tracks will be operational during the festival. Please do not walk on or along the tracks. CN Rail trespassing penalty is $115.

Mountain Bike Trail Access

  • All area mountain bike trails will remain open. Please use caution and expect minor congestion around the Festival site.

Festival Water Use

  • The Festival installed an on-site ground/rain water reservoir to maintain the Festival grounds. Village of Pemberton (VoP) water is not used for site maintenance.
  • Water for drinking, showering and food services comes from the VoP water service.
  • Water use is metered and the Festival is billed on amount used.


Be Fire Safe

  • Report smoke or fire concerns to Festival personnel immediately.
  • No fires permitted in Whistler/Pemberton without a permit due to fire rating and wildfire risk
  • Smokers, please use disposable ashtrays
  • Be Bear Aware. Don't leave bear attractants like food left in vehicles.

Temporary Restrictions - Lakes and Rivers

  • In order to protect sensitive riparian areas and protect Festivalgoers who are unfamiliar with local conditions (fast flowing rivers with dangerous currents and hidden hazards  like logs and debris just below the surface), the Province has authorized local authorities to implement some temporary closures from July 13 - 18, 2016 (the Pemberton Music Festival is July 14 - 17, 2016).
  • The temporary closures will restrict access to the Lillooet River at the Highway 99 bridge, the Birkenhead River, and the Green River. These areas were identified as areas of concern based on the 2015 Festival usage, when thousands of Festivalgoers sought respite from the heatwave along the banks, and in, the fast-moving opaque glacial rivers that flow out of the mountains through the Pemberton Valley, putting themselves at risk and often leaving large amounts of human and litter waste behind.
  • The restricted areas will be clearly marked and managed cooperatively by the SLRD, VoP,  and Líl'wat Nation.
  • Local access for residents travelling along trails and dykes or moving through the areas to access personal watercraft will not be impacted by these temporary access restrictions, which are aimed at preventing people from gathering in sensitive areas and impacting the local ecology.

Emergency Services and Public Safety

  • Emergency vehicles will have access to all roadways and given priority access, with roads supervised by professional traffic management and RCMP.
  • Pemberton Music Festival provides extensive on-site medical and emergency response teams to minimize impacts on Pemberton's local emergency services.


  1. Water bottle. Pemberton Music Festival has clean water stations so you can stay hydrated and not blow the budget on bottled water. Visit the stations often and pace yourself with one water per alcoholic beverage.
  2. Fully charged phone. In a baggie. You are probably going to run low on batteries so conserve your juice by running in airplane mode. Take that requisite selfie with Mount Currie in the background and put the phone away!
  3. Sunscreen + bug spray + rain poncho. Because Canada.
  4. Light cotton scarf or wrap. A large square-shaped, light cotton scarf can be soaked with water and twisted around the head, spread on the ground to sit on, whipped in the air as a flag or wrapped about the body for cozy warmth when the sun goes down.
  5. Meeting place dialed. Before you even step onto the festival grounds, establish hard and fast meeting plans - the time and place to cover off a midday check-in, as well as a rally point for the end of the day. This saves constant texting back and forth if you are separated from your group so you can get on with enjoying the day. The adventure is in the discovery of new places and faces, so go with it!

Posted: Saturday, July 09, 2016

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